Facebook just got even better

On July 6, Facebook announced that the social network would now include video calling and also add the feature of group chatting.  While other social networks such as the upcoming Google + promise better features, Facebook has beat them to the race in releasing video calling and I believe the public will love the new features added.  Just about everyone has a Facebook these days, and if you don’t, well you are falling behind.  Due to it’s popularity, I believe Facebook will remain at the top of popular social networks for now and even with the release of Google + most of the public will be saying, “What’s Google +?”  Facebook is the well known network to the public, and I know I will be using Facebook for video calling quite often.

Home page for Facebook's newly released Video Calling feature


One thought on “Facebook just got even better

  1. I think that with the right advertising and audience, and Google does have a large audience,Google + will be in Facebook’s realm of popularity. Will it ever surpass Facebook? No and it’s because, just like you said, Facebook beats everyone to the punch; they are always the first.

    Semi-random sidenote: Have you ever used Google Chrome? I LOVE that web browser. Just saying.

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