Something usually overlooked

Today, with the increased use of social networking sites and the Internet in general, it’s not too difficult to understand how someone can become the victim of bullying through the Internet.  The Internet gives gives anyone anonymity and they are more likely to say or do more risky things.  One might find it easy to sit at a computer and bash a person because of their beliefs or who they are, because it’s not the same as confronting a person face-to-face.  Cyberbullying does exist, though many of us overlook it.  Children and young adults have went to the extreme of killing each other or committing suicide over online bullying, this is a serious issue.  It can be as simple as a hurtful Facebook post, or as serious as a death threat.  Many organizations have gathered to help end cyberbullying,, is an ongoing campaign that gives readers information about how what to do in a situation where they are being bullied or how to help a person in this situation.


One thought on “Something usually overlooked

  1. I learned something new, I didn’t know there was a campaign dedicated to online bullying. Thats really interesting. I have seen a lot of movies and TV shows that are about cyber bullying and I do think its a big issue. High schoolers that cyber bully are just little pansies that can’t say it to someones face.

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