Movie made of YouTube videos?

That’s right. A movie based on many YouTube videos from all over the word is coming July 29 to select theaters.  “Life in a Day” is being created by YouTube and National Geographic and the project was started almost a year ago.  Last year, filmmakers asked YouTube users to upload videos that portrayed a day in their life.  People all over the world submitted videos, around 80,000 videos.  I think this project and entire idea was genius.  This is not going to be a “usual” movie, some might not find it entertaining, but I think it’s an amazing feat to allow people from all over the world submit their videos and create one masterpiece. 


One thought on “Movie made of YouTube videos?

  1. I like how youtube and national geographic decided to work together! It’s planet earth — people version. Animals are a lot less annoying than humans but hey, they can’t sky dive. Well, I guess they could if you pushed them out of an airplane but people’s raw emotions in their everyday life is intriguing and entertaining. Well to me, at least.

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