My blogroll

Wired – This site is based on Wired magazine. It covers tech news and events that I can use as sources for my blog.

TechNewsWorld -This site provides up-to-date tech news from around the world and will be important to my blog because it may cover international news that other sources might not cover.

TechCrunch – This site is based on a blog that combines tech news sources into one place and will be very helpful to my blog.

CNET– This site will be important to my blog because if is a top tech news source that is known for it’s news on upcoming products and covers many events tech.

iFans – This site is a small news source for Apple product lovers and provides rumors and information on such things as jailbreaking and that community, which will be part of my blog.

MacRumors – This site is usually one of the first to post rumors/facts about Apple products. This will be great for my blog, as I can use it for the latest buzz.

Gizmodo – This site covers the latest tech buzz and it will be helpful to my blog because it covers quite a lot of categories.

Appleinsider– This site is mainly based on Apple rumors; I can use this in my blog and compare it to other rumor sites to come to my own opinion.

iLounge – This site is known for covering accessories and products for iOS devices; I found some of this information interesting and feel it will help my blog because my viewers could learn about accessories for their devices.

Engadget– This site covers tech events and new and upcoming products. Their information is important to my blog and can keep my readers informed.


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