Apple is about to make it easier on your back and wallet

With the average textbook weighing around 3 to 5 pounds, backpacks can become quite heavy.  After yesterday’s Apple Education event, this could be changing.

Yesterday, Jan. 19, in NYC the Cupertino giant released a 2.0 update to their iBooks application that included textbooks. Also, iBooks Author was released so that authors can create and publish their textbooks in the iBook store.  With these two new innovations, the idea of carrying around heavy textbooks on campus could be a altered to only carrying a one pound iPad. Another advantage is the price point: $14.99 or less for high school textbooks from companies such as McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

College textbooks were not discussed in the keynote, but I can only hope that they will eventually be available in the near future. Having all your textbooks in one light device would be a great advantage to students of any age. As a college student myself, I can say that the prices of textbooks are quite high and the electronic versions would be more reasonable for me.

Here’s to hoping next semester’s textbooks are available on iPad.


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