Could we finally be getting the real iPhone 5?

I don’t know about you, but the announcement of the iPhone 4S was one of the biggest disappointments of last year for me. 4S? What happened to the iPhone 5?

Well, a reliable source at Foxconn, the usual Apple production factory, has reported to 9to5Mac that production of the iPhone 5 is ready to begin and it could be in our hands as soon as this summer.

Finally, the rumors indicate that this iPhone will be the revision most were hoping for when the 4S was announced. The source at Foxconn says that there are a couple of prototype models of the supposed iPhone 5, neither being the final model, but both have a 4 inch diagonal screen and are symmetrical in thickness. The designs are supposedly longer and wider than the current iPhone 4S design.


I’m glad to finally hear rumors of an iPhone redesign, it makes me feel that I can wait it out and keep my iPhone 4 until this summer and I feel most people will do the same if they are aware that a redesign is on the horizon.


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