What does Google’s new privacy policy change?

On March 1, Google will be updating their privacy policy to save data about you, the user, across most of its services such as Calendar, Docs, Gmail, Search, and YouTube.  The new change is being made to attempt to make your search results, targeted ads, and reminders more personalized to your data stored.  The result will hopefully be, “a simpler, more intuitive Google experience,” according to Google’s blog post announcing the change.

Some people are in an uproar over the change, but the truth is that Google has always been tracking users, only now all their data will be stored in a single database per user.

I feel that this could turn bad if a person’s targeted ads become too targeted or someone’s personal emails start to become less personal and come to the point of being open to Google and their ads.  I think Google is making this move to make their site a one-stop source for everything you need on the Internet and increase their user-base.

Personally, I look forward to this change and hope that it truly will better a person’s experience in Google services and apps.


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