Are you using too much data?

Cell phone carriers across the nation are starting to kill their unlimited data plans for smartphones and tier the plans by megabytes and gigabytes.  Those that are still using the unlimited data plans are starting to see “throttling” of their data usage; resulting in thier data speeds being slowed because they are consuming too much data compared to other users.  AT&T has announced that the top 5% of data users will be throttled.  Verizon has followed suit and will begin throttling the top 5% of data users as well; that usually being those that use over 2 GB a month.  Sprint on the other hand, has said they are not throttling their network, but their unlimited data plans will eventually fade away to new subscribers.  

I think that in some cases this is not exactly the right thing to do to those “unlimited” data users, as they are paying to use as much data as they please, but at the same time it is unfair to those of us who pay for a limited data plan and have issues because of other power data users.


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