Will Windows 8 be able to stand up to the competition?

The consumer preview of Windows 8 was made available to the public just 2 days ago and already comparisons between it and Apple’s iOS are popping up. What is Microsoft bringing to the table?Image

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s new operating system that was developed for tablets and PCs.  It has essentially changed almost everything about the Windows that we are all so used to.  The OS takes many queues from the Windows Phone 7 OS, with it’s colorful tiles and apps.  Microsoft plans to enter into the realms of app stores just like Apple and Google by allowing developers to create new apps for the OS.  One key detail is that the new OS is said to include Microsoft Office in the tablet version and the applications have been optimized for touch input.  

If you would like to try the consumer preview of Windows 8, you can download it here.

I think Microsoft is heading in the right direction with this OS; Apple and Google both have proven how important having a tablet OS and an appealing visual are to consumers.  


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