iPad 3? iPad HD? Neither.

Wednesday, Apple announced what all Apple fans have been waiting for, the “new iPad“.  This new iPad includes almost all of what was rumored to be part of this new gadget.Image

The device has a retina display, upgraded 5 megapixel back camera, and a faster A5X chip.  Also, the AT&T and Verizon versions have LTE built in for an even faster data connection.

Though there was much hype over this device, I don’t see this being a substancial upgrade for those with iPad 2’s.  If the retina display is very important to you, then yes, you should buy one, but if not I would not put my money out for a device that only has a few upgrades.  

Some late iPad adopters might find it better to get their hands on an iPad 2, with all models being cut by $100 and also the refurbished iPad 2’s going at $150 of the original price. Click here for a link to the refurbished iPad section.

As a loyal Apple fan and an iPad 1 user, I will be selling my iPad 1 and ordering an iPad 2 refurb for $349…which would make my total cost around $150, a steal considering these devices go for $500 and up.


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