That is the ‘new iPad’ pictured above with its beautiful retina display and I am it’s happy new owner.

Today, March 16, was the US launch of the third generation iPad. Apple fans across the country and the world lined up outside their local tech stores to get their hands on this new Apple gem.

I got to my local Best Buy around 8 am and shorty the store managers came out with tickets to redeems our iPads when the store opened at 10 am. Around 10 am we were led to the back of the store to a check out counter where we purchased our promised iPads. I decided on the white 16 GB, wifi-only model and I can say that this was a great purchase.

Compared to my original iPad, this new iPad has a higher resolution, seems much faster, and the additions of the cameras are very nice. This was a worthy upgrade for an original iPad user and I think any would be happy with the improvements. I wasn’t an iPad 2 owner, so I can’t say whether the new iPad is worth your money, but if it were me I would just stick with the iPad 2 until the next revision.


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