My top 5 iOS apps most people aren’t aware of

I’ll start of my list with Tweet Stream.
Tweet Stream is a new Twitter client that updates your twitter feed in real-time as tweets are posted. I love being able to just open this app and watch as tweets come in in order and in a constant stream.

Next is Meebo.

Meebo is an IM client that brings Facebook, Google Talk, MySpace, AIM, and Windows Live together into one app where you can chat across all platforms. I use this app quite often because it keeps all of my friends and chat in one single app.

Third is Tumblita.

Tumblita is a Tumblr client that is by far the best you will find in the AppStore. It condenses posts on Tumblr so that one can scroll through them easily and then click the post to enlarge it and view it. This is nice because it causes less lag compared to the official Tumblr app that fully loads gifs and images, which slows down the app and usually results in crashes.

Fourth is Vlingo.

Vlingo is almost the Siri for non-iPhone 4’s. Vlingo is a voice assistant that can dictate your speech into text. You can tell it to call someone, text someone, search the web for a topic, and even update Facebook and Twitter. I find the app quite reliable and it dictates correctly 95% of the time and is by far the best dictation app besides Siri.

Fifth is Fab.

I think Fab is pretty awesome. This app streams a feed of interesting products and other things that can actually be purchased. Not only is this an awesome way to find your next set of kitchenware or a new pair of shoes, but it also gives the creators of the new products a way of getting their creation out there for the public to view it and possibly purchase it.


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