Heard of Google Voice?

Many of you might have heard of Google Voice, but I’m sure most people are not aware of what it offers. Google Voice is a service by Google that gives you a separate phone number that you can give to your contacts that can converge many phone numbers into one.

Google voice can have your calls, voicemails, and text messages forwarded from multiple numbers to your Google Voice number; making life a lot simpler. One can get in on this by simply signing up for a number and begin using the service.

I have used Google Voice for over 2 years now because it offers free text messaging. I haven’t payed for a texting plan in years, saving me at least $20 every month on my phone bill.

What I like the most is that you can access Google Voice from a desktop computer, tablet, or any web-enabled device. So in my case, if I’m browsing on my iPad and don’t feel like texting on my phone, I just reply to the texts on my iPad through an app.

My favorite Google Voice app for iOS is Think Messenger. It sends push notifications when someone texts you and gets the job done with a nice UI.





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