Android 4.1.1 finally released for the AT&T flavored Galaxy S3


Last night, AT&T opened the flood gates to their long-overdue Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3. Users were able to download the update via Samsumg Kies and then flash it to their phones. It appears the update might be available via OTA this morning or later today for users who would rather aquire it that way.

AT&T is the third carrier in the US to release the update, with Sprint and T-mobile being the first. The update for Verizon and U.S. Cellular GS3’s still remains MIA.

Google originally released Jelly Bean back in July, but delays in it’s deployment are usually caused because of carriers tweaking the OS with their bloatware and testing it’s stability.

Jelly Bean 4.1.1 packs a few new features for the GS3, such as Google Now, Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri.


Other new features include resizable widgets on the homescreen, a new ‘easy mode’ for first-time smartphone users, new option to pause and resume while recording, and a ‘blocking mode’ to block calls, notifications and other phone alerts for a period of time.

Overall, the update seems to have stable battery life and make the AT&T GS3 buttery smooth with it’s inclusion of Google’s Project Butter. This project is Google’s aim to make all Android phones lag free.

The 4.1.1 update makes the AT&T GS3 become the extremely smooth phone that it has always had the potential to be.


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