The Battle For the Best Photo Sharing Service Continues

Twitter has made a surprise attack on Instagram with their latest update for iOS and Android.  The new Twitter update adds filters to their photo uploading menu that are, without a doubt, meant to compete with Instagram’s multiple filters.  Users of Twitter that may have often used Instagram to share photos on their timelines with filters will no longer need to use Instagram as their filtering tool.


But the battle doesn’t end there. In reaction, Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is blocking Instagram photos from showing up directly in Twitter’s timeline.  As of now, Instagram photos shared to Twitter will only appear as a link.  Also, Instagram updated their app with improvements and a new filter, Willow.

Without a doubt, the battle is beginning to rage over being the easiest and best photo sharing app for the end user. Will Twitter’s efforts to improve their photo sharing prove to be more popular than Instagram? Only time will tell if it’s enough for the end user to ditch Instagram all together.


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